Sunday, January 25, 2015

Which is worse?

So on the same page of the weekend paper are two stories.  One about a man arrested for throwing faeces at staff in an employment agency (which is a pretty shitty thing to do).  Another about a man who drove erratically with a blood alcohol level six times the legal limit.

Now one of these people was not released on bail.  Guess which one.  Thats right, the guy who threw shit.  While the other guy, who could well have killed someone, gets to go home.  It was only a month or so ago that a similar drunk dickhead drove on the wrong side of the road directly into another car, killing the driver and injuring several passengers.

Australia Day

Yes, its Australia day, the day when Aussies have a licence to go out and behave like yobbos.  And I'm not sure that is a bad thing.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

On not drowning

Just be fat.

I'm 178cm tall and weigh about 95kg.  And its not solid muscle.  Now put me in the sea, and I can't sink.  If I just sit in the sea and do nothing, I float to the surface.  I might die of exposure, but I won't drown.

Which of course is bad news for the refugees on rickety boats bound for Australia, because they aren't fat.  And they won't float.  And their lack of fat means they will get cold quickly, which is also bad news.

Having said that, give them a thin person a very small flotation device, and get them not to panic, and they could survive for hours, or even a day in warm water.

Cryptic crosswords

So you are doing a cryptic crossword, looking at a clue, and suddenly, the answer pops into your head.  How does this happen?  I reckon that while an idea is ever so temporarily in your brain, dozens of other things flash up.  Things that are vaguely related.  And I reckon that if one of those vaguely related things happens to fit the bill better than most of the others, that one springs into our consciousness for evaluation.

So its a matter of being able to hold one idea in your head while others flash past, and somehow recognising the good ones...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je suis Charlie

I don't think that Islamic terrorist nutters understand just how much we hate being told what to do.  If they had their way, we'd live in a world governed by religious police.  And while "we" don't mind people having religious beliefs, we very much do mind people telling us what our religious beliefs should be.

So if you belong to any religion and think that it would be a good idea to enforce your religious observances on us, then fuck off.

New years resolution

You should only decide on New Years resolutions that you can keep.  But this year I've broken with that idea, and aim to lose 3kg by the end of June.

Look, this is incredibly boring.  Another overweight middle aged person deciding to slim down.  Anyway, to make it more interesting I'm weighing myself most mornings and putting the numbers into a graph.  Hopefully by the end of June it will be a successful, interesting graph, and not just a continuation of the upward trend of my adult life...