Sunday, July 20, 2014

Putin and G20 meeting in Brisbane

Vlad the impaler is due to attend a G20 meeting in Brisbane shortly.  Now some people are suggesting we don't let him come, but that would be churlish.  Of course he should come.  But maybe at the airport a group of masked people who look like they might be rugby front rowers could seize control.  We'll call them "rebels".  And Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott could say that unfortunately they have lost control of the airport, and that the "rebels" are nothing to do with them.  And when the "rebels" locate Vlad, he may well find that they aren't happy with him.

The Russians no doubt will come up with some cock and bull story about how our government arranged the whole thing and were behind the "rebels" all along.  We'll tell the truth and say that Vlad's detention is the work of disaffected Russian oligarchs.

While he is detained, action man Vlad will be "encouraged" to have a karate match with someone his age and weight, but who is actually good at karate.  It will be telecast direct to Russia, because they love action man, and would love to see one of his regular displays of machismo.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The carbon tax in Australia

Just a little post about this.

When the carbon tax was introduced in Australia, there were tax cuts to go with it.  For most people, the carbon tax and the tax cuts offset each other, leaving them neither better or worse off.

There are people who think that this means the tax could not work.  Actually, I should take the word "think" out of there.  If you think about it, it can work very well (that is, achieve its goal of reducing emissions), even if you give all the money raised by the carbon tax back to the people.

However, there were winners and losers.  The big losers were people who were responsible for lots of emissions.  The winners were those who didn't emit much.  But overall, it was pretty neutral.

How then can Tony Dickhead Abbott claim that we'll be $550 better off with the repeal of the carbon tax?  Easy, you cancel the carbon tax, but keep the tax cuts.  You keep the tax cuts at a time when we supposedly have a "budget emergency".  Because if you want to save the country from a budget emergency, you don't increase taxes.  No, you take money away from single parents and the young unemployed and aid to poor countries.

Who did it?

Sometimes the media are too cautious.  They are talking about the need for a thorough investigation to find out who shot down MH17.  FFS, the Russian invaders of eastern Ukraine tweeted that they had shot a plane down.  I'm inclined to believe them.

Lets just make the obvious conclusion.  Ukrainian rebels augmented with Russian military forces used a Russian rocket launcher to shoot the plane down.  They didn't know it was a passenger plane, because they are idiots.  Immature boys playing with big toys.  Ruining lives so that they can have some meaning in their own.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bloody thugs

So some Russian separatists in Crimea have killed 298 people by shooting down a plane using a missile system donated by Russia.

And you know what I think?  I think the people who did this are so bloody selfish that they reckon this is just an unlucky accident in their heroic fight for freedom.

Total fucking dickheads.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Claremont Quarter

And shopping centres everywhere.

So I went into Claremont Quarter, to go to EB Games.  All good.  Anyway, its a depressing place, the shopping centre.  All the big name shops are there.  I don't know there names, but they are there.  And I find it depressing.  Each of these retail outlets is a national brand, owned by shareholders, for whom it must turn a profit.  No doubt the people working in the shop are very knowledgable about the product they sell.  But they didn't choose it.  They make very few decisions about how their shop runs.  They just work there.

And of course this applies particularly to my favourite type of shop, the coffee shop.  So you'll find Gloria Jeans and The Coffee Club in shopping centres.  And how dismally boring is that?  Compare them to Moore & Moore in Freo, or to Barretts in Nedlands, or Gusto or Bookcafe in South Perth or Swanbourne, or Blend in Myaree, or Greens & Co in Leederville.  Forget it, there is no comparison.  And I haven't listed the coffee shops that actually try and give you exceptional coffee (Luis Baxter, Spring, Elixir etc).

At least when it comes to coffee shops, it seems there is very little in the way of economies of scale.  And absolutely no excuse to go to Gloria Jeans, Coffee Club, or (heaven forbid) Starbucks.  Just don't do it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stealing my super

A few years ago I did some work for the WA Education Department. As a result they put around $300 in a GESB superannuation account for me. They had to, because it is the law. Anyway, a few months later GESB sent me a letter telling me that my "income protection insurance" (or some such useless product) had lapsed. Did I sign up for this useless product? No. But GESB saved me the trouble of signing up by doing it for me when they opened my super account. And now the superannuation was all gone, paying for the product I didn't want, so they sent me a letter telling me the product was cancelled.

A year later, I did some work for them again. But this time the law had changed, and they had to ask me if I wanted to give them my superannuation money. Naturally I said no.

But now I'm led to believe that Tony Abbott and his mob are proposing to change the laws so that super funds can steal my superannuation without asking, just like they used to. If this is true, it doesn't surprise me at all. After all, Tony and his mates went to private schools, and becoming a financial spiv is a time honoured tradition for private schoolboys without sufficient talent to get a real job.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Making people do the right thing

When Russia took over Crimea, the west didn't want a war, but they did want to hurt Russia.  Well not all Russians, just the ones who actually matter, Putin's buddies, the oligarchs (good name for a band).  So the rich Russians find themselves unable to visit their favourite holiday spots.  And it occurs to me that I could employ this myself.

There are certain policies that I don't like, and some that are downright horrible.  I've got no solution to our asylum seeker problem, but destroying the lives of those stupid enough to try and seek a better life here is horrible.  And destroying the lives of their children is just evil.

So to the extent that it is possible, I'll be boycotting Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison.  Because I think they could make a difference, and choose to be bastards instead.